National Youth Settlement Framework

The National Youth Settlement Framework (NYSF) is the first national framework to guide and measure youth settlement policy and service delivery in Australia.

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About the NYSF

It is Australia’s first evidence-based framework for supporting good practice and measuring settlement outcomes for young people.

Developed by the MYAN through consultation with young people, government and the youth and settlement sectors, the Framework is designed to enable services to respond more effectively to the needs of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. It supports the provision of targeted support to ensure young people reach their potential to be active participants in and contributors to Australian society.


The NYSF is comprised of resources that provide conceptual and practical information to support those working with newly arrived young people.  

National Youth Settlement Framework  (PDF)

Supplementary resources:

Australian Institute of Family Studies webinar 2017

This webinar (March 2017) discusses the implementation of the National Youth Settlement Framework, providing examples of community based initiatives and practical strategies for supporting young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Check it out here.

National Training

MYAN Australia succesfully partnered with our affiliated state and territory organisations to deliver training workshops across Australia in 2016 on understanding and applying the National Youth Settlement Framework.

The Framework is the first of its kind in Australia and this was an exciting opportunity for policy makers and practitioners to learn more about its application.

Participant feedback on the workshops to date has been overwhelmingly positive. 

"This is a milestone in youth settlement policy and practice in Australia"

"Engaging with the Framework materials has been invaluable, with the opportunity to combine solid conceptual information with concrete, practical application"

"Fantastic training and resources, to use in my everyday practice"

What is the Framework training?

The training is targeted to staff and volunteers from government and non-government organisations who seek to strengthen their knowledge and practice supporting young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. It is suitable for those working in both direct service and policy or programming roles.

Training involves 1.5 days of interactive professional development, exploring:

  • How practitioners and policy-makers can incorporate the Framework into their work, including using the Framework Assessment Tools
  • Factors contributing to good settlement outcomes for young people
  • Good practice in facilitating active citizenship

All participants will receive copies of the Framework, including additional resources and tools. This training is linked to a range of competencies in the VET sector Training Packages for Community Services and Health.

For more information about the links to VET, or how MYAN can tailor training to your setting/organisation, please contact us