National Teleconferences

What are the key issues impacting upon the transition to employment for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds?

MYAN Australia and SCOA invite you to a teleconference about youth employment.

NATIONAL TELECONFERENCE: 2:00 to 3:00pm (AEDT) Tuesday 17th October 2017

This teleconference will focus on identifying the key issues and trends impacting the transition to employment for young Australians from a refugee and migrant background.

Full details available HERE.


Education Pathways for young people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas

MYAN and RCOA invite you to join this national teleconference bringing together a range of actors to explore education pathways for young people seeking asylum and young refugees on TPVs and SHEVs.

NEXT TELECONFERENCE - 7 December 2017, 12PM (AEST)

This teleconference provides an opportunity for:

  • Networking between workers and agencies supporting young asylum seekers and young refugees on TPVs or SHEVs across Australia
  • Sharing and promoting initiatives that support young people to continue engaging in education/training opportunities beyond the age of 18
  • Identifying any future advocacy priorities or opportunities.

When:   Quarterly 
Where: Teleconference 
RSVP: Edmee Kenny, MYAN (Aust) Policy Officer - 

Background: Young people seeking asylum, and those on TPVs or SHEVs, face a range of barriers to accessing and remaining engaged in education and training pathways. While engagement in education has a significant impact on a young person's mental and physical health and their sense of purpose and participation in the community, their options are limited once they turn 18. Addressing this often relies on individual advocacy and creative solutions.

Dates for 2017:

Thursday @ 12pm (AEST)

23 March
22 June
21 September
7 December 




Refugee Education Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Education Pathways teleconference is a sub-group of the Refugee Education SIG. 

The Refugee Education SIG is a collaboration that aims to ensure education opportunities are accessible for students from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds – helping them to build better lives in Australia.

MYAN and RCOA have teamed up with a group of educators, community organisations, education providers, students and other stakeholders to form this broad group and have created a public webpage that will support greater collaboration and networks between institutions, practitioners, students and communities in order to achieve better educational outcomes for students from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. 

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